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Oil prices crash below $70
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European Parliament votes for Google breakup
The European Parliament has voted to break up Google and weaken its dominance across the region.

OPEC: No cut in oil production and prices keep falling
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8 best Etsy gifts for a 'money guy'
It's that time of year again: lights, cheer and the pressure to get the perfect gift.

Black Friday (or Thursday) is upon us, but the deals have already begun
You may be one of the faithful Black Friday shoppers lining up outside malls and department stores across America.

Ferguson church calls for unity, healing on Thanksgiving
A call for unity and healing in Ferguson, Missouri on the Thanksgiving holiday at a small church just a stone's throw from the site of recent unrest Mana Rabiee reports.

Bolshoi's 'Snow Queen' a snow dream for children
A Bolshoi performance based on Andersen's 'Snow Queen' is a new opera for children with dark undertones. Gavino Garay reports.

Rent-a-chef cooks up new trend
An online company in France believes having a top chef take over your own kitchen and care for your guests could be a delicious alternative to the restaurant scene. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Freight trains collide, derail in Minnesota
Two freight trains collide at a crossing in Minnesota, ten cars derail but no injuries are reported. Mana Rabiee reports.

Devastated Gaza hit by heavy rains and flooding
Heavy rains cause flooding in Gaza City which lacks basic civil infrastructure. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Uruguay eliminates Italy; Did Suarez bite again?
Uruguay is moving on. Italy is out of the World Cup after a 1-0 loss. Meanwhile, Luis Suarez apparently bit an opponent again.

Report: Heat forward LeBron James to opt out of deal, become free agent
Get ready for the Decision, Part II. LeBron James is opting out of his contract with the Heat, and will become a free agent.

NBA Mock Draft: Another change at the top
Just when you thought the NBA draft pecking order was starting to get predictable, Joel Embiid shakes it up.

Mexico beats Cameroon, advances to knockout round
After a tough 2013, Mexico completed its magical turnaround by taking down Croatia 3-1 and advancing out of Group A.

World Cup analysis: Costa Rica-England

This Day in History

Scuttling of the French fleet in Toulon (1942)
When Nazi Germany occupied northern and western France in 1940, the coastal city of Toulon fell under Vichy jurisdiction in the so-called unoccupied zone in the south. The center of French naval power since the 19th century, Toulon housed much of the French fleet. When, in 1942, Germany finally occupied all of France and Toulon's capture appeared imminent, the French scuttled much of the fleet rather than allow the vessels to fall into German hands. What was the German mission in Toulon called? Discuss

Carter Breaches Entrance to Tutankhamun's Tomb (1922)
In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter had one last chance at a successful excavation in Egypt before his patron, Lord Carnarvon, withdrew financial backing. Luckily, the two soon became the first to enter the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun in some 3,000 years. The tomb was almost completely intact, and its treasures made Tutankhamen perhaps the best-known of the pharaohs despite his early death and limited accomplishments. What did Carter reportedly say upon accessing the tomb?

Battle of Montgisard (1177)
The Kingdom of Jerusalem—a feudal state created by the leaders of the First Crusade in the areas they had wrested from the Muslims in Syria and Palestine—came under attack in the Battle of Montgisard. Although heavily outnumbered, sickly king Baldwin IV and his troops defeated renowned Kurdish military general Saladin by surprising his army en route. The kingdom enjoyed a brief truce before Saladin renewed his attacks. What powerful Christian military order participated in the battle?